Yara Flor cosplay outfit for Genesis 8/8.1 Female

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The package contains a Yara Flor cosplay outfit for Genesis 8 Female with a template for making texture maps.  A set of texture maps are included as part of the default materials, plus 4 sets of texture maps from Websoul.

DAZ Studio 4.15 or above
Genesis 8 Female or Genesis 8.1 Female

Copy all files in the content folder of this zip archive to your DAZ Studio content folder.

Reminder: The outfit design is copyrighted, the license allows only Editorial projects. Thank you for your understanding.


Templates folder of this zip archive contains all UV maps of the models.

There are 11 separated pieces:
Bola Set
Boots (Left)
Boots (Right)
Bracers (Left)
Bracers (Right)
Shoulder Armour
Thigh Strap

Sword_L put the Sword into the left hand of Genesis 8 Female.
Sword_R put the Sword into the right hand of Genesis 8 Female.

Sample image is rendered by DAZ Studio Iray renderer with default settings.

This package fall under the special categorization of Fan Art, that is, a model or piece of 2D/3D art that depicts a design, logo, product or character originally conceived by a third party artist or company not related to the maker of this package.


  • Props (.DUF)
    • Sword.duf
  • Wearables (.DUF)
    • !Outfit.duf
    • Armour.duf
      • FBMExpandAll
    • Bodysuit.duf
      • FBMExpandAll
      • pJCMThighSide_85_L
      • pJCMThighSide_85_R
    • BolaSet.duf
      • FBMExpandAll
    • Boots_L.duf
      • FBMExpandAll
      • pJCMShinBend_155_L
    • Boots_R.duf
      • FBMExpandAll
      • pJCMShinBend_155_R
    • Bracers_L.duf
      • FBMExpandAll
    • Bracers_R.duf
      • FBMExpandAll
    • ShoulderArmour.duf
      • FBMExpandAll
    • Sword_L.duf
    • Sword_R.duf
    • ThighStrap.duf
      • FBMExpandAll
    • Tiara.duf
  • Materials Iray (.DUF)
    • !Full_Black.duf
    • !Full_BlueAndRed.duf
    • !Full_BlueMetallic.duf
    • !Full_Emissive_Pearl.duf
    • !Full_Original.duf
    • Black_Bodysuit.duf
    • Black_Boots.duf
    • BlueAndRed_Bodysuit.duf
    • BlueAndRed_Boots.duf
    • BlueMetallic_Bodysuit.duf
    • BlueMetallic_Boots.duf
    • Emissive_Pearl_Bodysuit.duf
    • Emissive_Pearl_Boots.duf
    • Original_Bodysuit.duf
    • Original_Boots.duf
  • DAZ Studio Scripts (.dsa/.dse)
    • !Setup Smart Content.dsa
    • Renderosity_Yara_Flor_Outfit_for_G8F.dsa
  • Text files (.txt/.rtf)
    • amy_aimei_YaraFlor_G8F.txt
  • 41 Texturemaps (.png) for Base Color, Emissive, Height, Normal, Roughness, Transparency (2048 x 2048 to 4096 x 4096)

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    Brian Concannon
    August 23, 2023
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