Qipao B v2 for Genesis 8.1 Female

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This package has a default material and alternative material.

Templates folder of this zip archive contains all UV maps of the models.


DIM Support

Character Requirement:



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B v2 for Genesis 8.1 Female shares the same UV as its counterpart for
Genesis 3 Female but with minor differences in the geometry.

Qipao B v2 for Genesis 8.1 Female is dForce enabled.

It includes the following adjustment morphs:
L Back
R Back
L Forward
R Forward
L Side In
R Side In
L Side Out
R Side Out
Left Side Up
Right Side Up
Swing Left
Swing Right

Minor changes made to the materials from Qipao B for Genesis 8.1 Female.

The separated part has been connected to the dress to improve the simulation results.

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