SY Pants Masculinizer Genesis 8 Male

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A set of morphs and a conformer to add a masculine bulge to clothing.


Are your men’s pants for Genesis 8 Male looking a little flat?  Add that certain something with this set!

This is a set of 3 reverse projection morphs and a conforming pair of pants with many additional crotch bulge morphs for Genesis 8 Male.  The reverse projection morphs are triggered from Genesis 8 Male and show up only if he has pants on, adding a masculine bulge to the pants.

For very simple bulge-adding, as from autofitted items for women or the like, you will find the projection morphs in Actor/Hip/Pants Masculinizer on Genesis 8 Male.   For more hirez and detailed morphs than can be created with projection, you can conform the invisible pants to G8M, conform your bulge-needing pants to the invisible pants, and now you can dial the morphs in the invisible pants and they will show up in the “real” pants!   Then you can conform the pants back to Genesis 8 Male and delete the invisible ones, and you’re good to go!

You can also use Transfer Utility to copy morphs from invisible to “real” pants, and a manual is included from the Genesis 8 Male/Clothing/Pants Masculinizer folder to make this clear and easy!

Instructions for manually installing a product for Daz Studio are included in your zip file, so be sure to follow them carefully after you unzip to a location outside your Daz Studio library!

Morphs in Genesis 8 Male’s Hip area that project into pants:

Basic Bulge 01
Basic Bulge 02
Basic Bulge 03

Morphs in the Pants Masculinizer invisible conforming pants:

Dress Upward 01
Dress Upward 02
Dress Upward 02
Dress Left 01
Dress Left 02
Dress Left 03
Dress Right 01
Dress Right 02
Dress Right 03
Hires Bulge 01
Hires Bulge 02
Hires Bulge 03
Hires Bulge 04
Hires Bulge 05


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