Gossamer Hair Shader for Strand-Based Hair

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Based on a hair shader developed by Disney, this set of Shader Presets for Strand-Based Hair enhances the appearance of hair in Daz Studio when using ‘Iray Curves’.

Iray Curves are useful because they significantly reduce the vertex count of Strand-Based Hair while simultaneously creating a smoother hair strand.  The downside is that the default ‘Blended Dual Lobe’ hair shader does not render out some physical properties, namely hair translucency, for Iray Curves.

This Gossamer shader, unlike the default shader, retains realistic hair properties such as translucency when using Iray Curves.


Strand Based Hair

This product was created for use with Iray Curves for Strand Based Hair (SBH).  You will need Daz Studio or higher to render Iray Curves.

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What’s Included and Features

Gossamer Hair Shaders for Strand-Based Hair (.DUF):

Properties Presets:

  • 2 Iray Curves Conversion Presets

Shader Presets:

  • 35 Hair Colors

Textures Include:

8 Texture Maps (1320 x 1320 pixels): Color Maps

Daz Studio Iray Shader Presets (.DUF)

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General Inquiries

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  1. June 30, 2023

    Hi, just wondering about this hair you used on Gossamer hairshader promo.
    Is this an option for Gopnik hair or this is maybe an upcoming product of yours?

    Thank you for your query. That hair is a separate hair for Genesis 9 \r\ncalled \\\\\\\'Loose Half-Bun Hair\\\\\\\' which should be released sometime \r\nsoon in July 2023.  The product is finished, but will just need Promos \r\nand testing before it is up for sale.

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