Cyber Fighting Rings

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“Fight for Glory!”

The futuristic fighting ring with holographic skirts, transparent OLED canvas, and beam ropes. Let your characters of humans, aliens, creatures, and mechs fight in the ring!


  • Cyber Ring (3 colors, 2 ropes patterns, total: 6)
  • Steps (independent)
  • Steps (preloaded for 3 corners, 3 color patterns)

Well be set in:

Your library – Props – CrayWorks – CyberRings


Main Contents:

  • Scene subsets
    • CR_Bk_3ropes (ring with 3 ropes, black)
    • CR_Bk_4ropes (ring with 4 ropes, black)
    • CR_BL_3ropes (ring with 3 ropes, skyblue)
    • CR_BL_4ropes (ring with 4 ropes, skyblur)
    • CR_Wh_3ropes (ring with 3 ropes, white)
    • CR_Wh_4ropes (ring with 4 ropes, white)
    • CR_Steps_forBk (preloaded steps for black ring)
    • CR_Steps_forBl (preloaded steps for skyblue ring)
    • CR_Steps_forWh (preloaded steps for white ring)
  • Props
    • CR_Steps (individual steps)
  • Textures
    • 6 textures (color, cutoff)
  • Texts
    • CW07_CyberRings_Readme.txt
  • UV Wireframe Templates
    • 5 textures

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