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I want to use a 3d model in my game, not just a render. What can I do?

First check the attribute tab of the product page to see what license the product has.

If the license is none or standard check if the vendor sells an interactive license.

If the vendor sells a license, you have to buy the license, and you can use the vendor`s product’s 3D part (model, textures) in your game/other product.

If the vendor does not sell the license, you can contact him/her via the button “ASK A QUESTION” (you find it over the “Add to Cart” on the product page), and ask about it directly.

Tip: make the meshes and textures difficult to extract from your project.

Tip: If you want use the 2D outcome (render, animation) for your project, you don`t need interactive license, the Standard License (what comes with the product) is enough.

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