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How can I install the products for Daz Studio?

Products can have DIM, these products can be installed the following way too. Without DIM attrib, you can install manually.

You can install the product either manually, by using the .dsa script or by using the Daz Install Manager (DIM)

Installing manually:
Extract the product.zip out of the main zip file and then extract the product.zip into a temp directory.
You can then copy everything from within Content directory (so the Data, Runtime and product directories) into your Daz library and the product is ready to use.
This will not include Smart Content, only the content manager.

Installing with .dsa script:
Extract the product.zip and the product.dsa out of the main zip file and put them into a temp directory.
You can double click the product.dsa script and choose the location you want to install the product to.
This way you can choose the library you want to install it in which is very usefull if you have multiple libraries.
The script will also install the smart content part of the product so you can find the new products that way too.

Installing with DIM:
The last option is to install with the Install manager.
Extract the product.zip out of the main zip file and place it into your DIM Package Archive folder.
If you are unsure where your package archive is you can open DIM and go to the settings in the top right and select Basic settings. The Package archive is stated there.
When you open DIM your product will be visible in the ready to install tab. you can finish the installation like you would do any other Daz product.

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