Dance My Wooden Doll Posen For Genesis 8 Female and Wooden Mecha

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Dance My Wooden Doll Posen For Genesis 8 Female and Wooden Mecha for free

With these wonderful poses you can stage “Wooden Mecha” and Genesis 8 Female like a fairy tale.  6 cute poses to dance,

hug and interact with.  Once for “G8” once for “Wooden Mecha” and once “Wooden Mecha”

automatically loads with the respective G8 pose as wearables if you have it in your content.

Have fun with these cute poses

Genesis 8 Female Poses;

–  A-Pose G8F

– 01-06 Poses for G8F

Wooden Mecha Poses;

– A-Pose for Wooden Mecha

– Wooden Mecha 40 % Scale

– 01-06 Poses for Wooden Mecha

Wearable Group – Poses The Wooden Mecha is loaded automatically

– 01-06 Poses for Wooden Mecha and G8F


  • Wearables (.DUF)
    • Pose 01.duf
    • Pose 02.duf
    • Pose 03.duf
    • Pose 04.duf
    • Pose 05.duf
    • Pose 06.duf
  • Poses (.DUF)
    • A-Pose for Wooden Mecha.duf
    • A-Pose G8.duf
    • Pose G8F 01.duf
    • Pose G8F 02.duf
    • Pose G8F 03.duf
    • Pose G8F 04.duf
    • Pose G8F 05.duf
    • Pose G8F 06.duf
    • Wooden Mecha 01.duf
    • Wooden Mecha 02.duf
    • Wooden Mecha 03.duf
    • Wooden Mecha 04.duf
    • Wooden Mecha 05.duf
    • Wooden Mecha 06.duf
    • Wooden Mecha 40 % Scale.duf
  • Text files (.txt/.rtf)
  • Dance My Wooden Doll for G8F and Wooden Mecha.txt

Additional information

Character Requirement:

Genesis 8 Female, Stand Alone

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