Cybersteam 3000

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Cybersteam 3000 by MysticArtDesign

Here you can find my new vehicle”Cybersteam 3000″.

“Cybersteam 3000” is a vehicle that comes in a little bit toony, cyberpunk and steampunk style.

The flying Cyberpunk Vehicle isn’t highly polished. It fits perfect to the “Flying Snackbar”, with the used and vintage look.

Fly with this vehicle over the clouds or risk and fast floating, hovering above the groud.

You can find one texture and different light options in the material folder.Further there are two useful poses for “Genesis 8” included.


data files:

MysticArtDesign/Desktop/Cybersteam 3000/data/MysticArtDesign/Cybersteam 3000/Cybersteam 3000

Flying cybersteam 3000 fix.dsf

MysticArtDesign/Desktop/Cybersteam 3000/data/MysticArtDesign/Cybersteam 3000/Cybersteam 3000/UV Sets/MysticArtDesign/Base



runtime files:



:Runtime:textures:MysticArtDesign:Cybersteam 3000:cybersteam 3000:flying cybersteam 3000


Flying cybersteam 3000_albedo.jpg

Flying cybersteam 3000_ao.jpg

Flying cybersteam 3000_bump.jpg

Flying cybersteam 3000_metalness.jpg

Flying cybersteam 3000_normal.jpg

Flying cybersteam 3000_roughness.jpg


Vehicle files:

MysticArtDesign/Desktop/Cybersteam 3000/Vehicles/Mysticartdesign/Cybersteam 3000

Cybersteam 3000.duf

Cybersteam 3000.duf.png

MysticArtDesign/Desktop/Cybersteam 3000/Vehicles/Mysticartdesign/Cybersteam 3000/Material

All light off.duf

All light off.duf.png

All light on.duf

All light on.duf.png

Backlight off.duf

Backlight off.duf.png

Backlight on.duf

Backlight on.duf.png

Frontlight off.duf

Frontlight off.duf.png

Frontlight on.duf

Frontlight on.duf.png

Jet-Fire off.duf

Jet-Fire off.duf.png

Jet-Fire on.duf

Jet-Fire on.duf.png



MysticArtDesign/Desktop/Cybersteam 3000/Vehicles/Mysticartdesign/Cybersteam 3000/Material/Pose



standing at the bike.duf

standing at the bike.duf.png

zero Pose.duf

zero Pose.duf.png

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