CW_Masahiro for Genesis 8 Male

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Pale light and blue skin and muscular body and somewhat sinewy muscles.

Masahiro has superpowers that he gets from plasma manipulation, and they can let their own imagination run wild.

Masahiro is a smart, funny guy that everyone likes to have as a buddy. You can steal horses with him, and his superpowers could often help him out of a difficult situation.

Masahiro again has a lot of material to customize him according to your wishes.

Four skins, LIE blush, many eye colors, fiber eyebrows and a 3-day beard in many colors, not to mention two different body shapes. Embark on an adventurous journey with Masahiro. Both Fantasy, Science Fiction and Cyberpunk genres fit perfectly with this intricately designed figure.


Actor (.DUF)

Wearables (.DUF)

!CW_Masahiro_Stubble Beard.duf
Materials Iray (.DUF)

Eyebrows 01.duf
Eyebrows 02.duf
Eyebrows 03.duf
Eyebrows 04.duf
Eyebrows 05.duf
Eyebrows 06.duf
Eyebrows 07.duf
Eyebrows 08.duf
Eyebrows 09.duf
Eyebrows 10.duf
Eyebrows 11.duf
Eyebrows 12.duf
Eyebrows 13.duf
Eyebrows 14.duf
CW_Masahiro_Fullbody Blue.duf
Eyes 01.duf
Eyes 02.duf
Eyes 03.duf
Eyes 04.duf
Eyes 05.duf
Eyes 06.duf
Eyes 07.duf
Eyes 08.duf
Eyes 09.duf
Eyes 10.duf
Eyes 11.duf
Eyes 12.duf
Eyes 13.duf
Eyes 14.duf
Eyes 15.duf
Eyes 16.duf
Eyes 17.duf
Eyes 18.duf
Eyes 19.duf
Eyes 20.duf
Eyes 21.duf
Eyes 22.duf
Eyelashes 01.duf
Eyelashes 02.duf
Eyelashes 03.duf
Eyelashes 04.duf
Eyelashes 05.duf
Eyelashes 06.duf
Eyelashes 07.duf
Eyelashes 08.duf
Eyelashes 09.duf
Eyelashes 10.duf
Eyelashes 11.duf
Eyelashes 12.duf
Ears Zero.
Face Zero.
Lip Zero.
Skin 01.duf
Skin 02.fragrance
Skin 03.duf
Skin 04.duf
Colour 01.duf
Colour 02.duf
Colour 03.duf
Colour 04.duf
Colour 05.duf
Colour 06.duf
Colour 07.duf
Colour 08.duf
Colour 09.duf
Colour 10.duf
Colour 11.duf
Colour 12.duf
Colour 13.duf
Colour 14.duf
Text files (.txt/.rtf)

56 texture maps (.jpg) for base colour, height, normal, roughness (2000 x 2000 to 4096 x 4096)

Additional information

Character Requirement:

Genesis 8 Male


Anime, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, Scifi, Steampunk




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